Estimation of Moisture in Transformer Insulation Using Dielectric Frequency Response Analysis by Heuristic Algorithms

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Islamic Azad University

2 Iran Transfo Company


Transformers are one of the most valuable assets of power systems. Maintenance and condition assessment of transformers has become one of the concerns of researchers due to huge number of transformers has been approached to the end of their lifetimes. Transformer’s lifetime depends on the life of its insulation and the insulation’s life is strongly influenced by its moisture attraction as well. Thus, regarding to the importance of moisture analysis, in this paper a new method is introduced for the moisture content determination in the transformer insulation system. The introduced method uses the dielectric response analysis in the frequency domain based on heuristic algorithms such as genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization. First, the master curve of the dielectric response is modeled. Afterwards, using the proposed method the master curve and the measured dielectric response curves are compared. By analyzing the comparison results, the moisture content of the paper insulation, electrical conductivity of the insulating oil and the dielectric model dimensions are determined. Finally, the proposed methods are applied to several practical samples and their capabilities are compared to the well-known conventional method.