Guide for Authors

Guidelines for Submitting the Final Manuscript for Publication


Once a manuscript has been accepted for the publication, the authors will be notified by the MSEEE editorial board. At that point, a special format will be required for the publication. Your final manuscript for the publication must contain author biographies and photos and be saved in MS-Word (‘.doc’ file) which is less than 10Mb.

Submit your final manuscript to the MSEEE on-line review system.

  • All figures, tables, equations, and captions should be clear and viewable.
  • 8 pages would be a preferred length for the MSEEE manuscripts.

For details of formation guidelines, you can download the template file for publication. After proofreading and editing of the final manuscript by the MSEEE and prior to publication, the MSEEE will send the page proof to the corresponding author for the final editing.
If you need more information, please contact the MSEEE by email:

 MSEEE template