Convertible Perfect Absorber with Single Ring Resonator: Tunable Single Band/Dual-Band Visible

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran

2 1604, 5720 cavendish Cote Saint Luc


This study proposes a single and dual-band tunable and convertible perfect absorber in the infrared band, consisting of a dielectric layer and a metallic bottom film. Primarily a tunable single-frequency absorber in the infrared region had been introduced. Subsequently, with the change in geometric structure, the proposed structure can be converted from infrared single-band to visible double-band frequency. The numerical simulation results indicate that the absorption spectrum of the single-band resonator is tuned from 337.4 THz to 210.2 THz, 227.3 THz, and 297.7 THz by changing effective parameters: ring width, ring height, and dielectric height. Next, by the parametric study of the proposed absorber dimensions, the absorption rate is obtained 99% more at the designed frequencies; lastly, the dual-band absorption with an average performance of 99.98% in the visible spectrum. The proposed plasmonic absorber in this research has a variety of applications, including sensing, imaging, wavelength-selective thermal emission, photodetectors, and so on.


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