Implementation of a Fourth-Order Compact Quasi-Elliptic Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filter in C-Band

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Shariati Technical and Vocational College, Tehran, Iran.

2 Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Semnan University,Semnan,Iran.


Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) technology by application of the planar construction process obtains a catchy means for integrating planar and nonplanar circuits. Further, it is hard to realize the negative coupling needed to create a compact quasi-elliptic bandpass filter based on a single-layered SIW structure. The presented work proposes a specific planar and negative coupling configuration that provides two transmission zeroes at 5.03 GHz and 6.26 GHz. This article presents a fourth-order quasi-elliptic filter. The proposed filter is also wide-band. This structure is implemented in SIW knowledge. The SIW filter has a central frequency of 5.5 GHz. The perfect bandwidth is 0.7 GHz. It is realized on a single-layer substrate from Rogers Ro4003. The Thickness of the substrate is considered as 0.508 mm. The measured outcomes of this filter, which show an excellent selectivity, and a low insertion loss of about 1.9 dB, agree suitably with simulation results. The designed filter's innovation provides these features: compact, low cost, wide-band, good selectivity, low insertion loss, and agreement between simulation and fabrication.


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