Investigating the Effect of Blood Dielectric Changes in Human Tissue Model by a Microwave Sensor

Document Type : Research Paper


Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran.


In this article, an original microwave sensor is presented which can detect the dielectric changes in the body tissue layer. The proposed sensor is created in the form of a microstrip structure and consists of U-shaped, interdigital, and waterfall parts. When the sensor is placed on a live sample, it can detect the dielectric changes that occur in the tissue layer. For this, a resonance is formed in the free load sensor at the frequency of 3.2 GHz then when the sample touches the sensor, according to the amount of relative dielectric changes of the tissue sample, the sensor resonant frequency is shifted. Considering that diseases related to glucose depend on blood, the purpose of sensing in the target sensor is the third layer of the modeled finger, i.e. blood. Therefore, the obtained results showed that the quality factor and sensitivity are 5346 and 0.5%, respectively.


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